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Welcome to Sharon’s Nutrition.


Sharon’s Nutrition is a nutrition consultation business based in Melbourne Australia. It was founded by Sharon Brooks, a Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) and Food Scientist.

The mission of Sharon’s Nutrition is to spread the wonderful word of good health and nutrition. It is only possible to perform at your peak if dietary intake is wholesome, nourishing and never boring. Healthy living can be enjoyable and fun. However, it is the feeling it provides that is most important. 

The media is saturated with conflicting messages regarding what constitutes a healthy diet. Sharon’s Nutrition is based on current and relevant nutrition science. There are no fad diets here! Every recommendation provided is based on nutrition and research science that is targeted to your individual needs. Nutritional requirements are dependant on sex, age, life-stage, physical activity level, current health status and lifestyle practices. These are all considered.

Take a positive step for your health and well-being today. Love your self, Respect your body, Nourish with proper nutrition!

I hope you enjoy my website – it honours the passion I have for good health. I welcome all feedback. Feel free to comment, drop me a line and discuss the services.