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Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are offered for all ages; from adolescents to the young at heart. Sharon has a positive outlook, supportive approach and will educate on how to enjoy nutritious foods. Nutritional suggestions are based on current and relevant scientific research.

This includes a one hour initial consultation to discuss overall dietary intake and lifestyle habits and to establish the client’s specific needs.

Follow-up and maintenance consultations are offered and recommended for support and to boost your lifestyle habits.

Group/Family Consultations 

Group and Family consultations are targeted specifically to the individuals attending the consultation. In a friendly environment, nutrition related discussions and food demonstrations will take place.

Adult Workshops 

A one hour experience that will make you love nutritious foods. Workshops may include an interactive presentation, food demonstrations, seminars and discussions. Attending an adult workshop is a positive step towards better health and achieving optimal well-being.

Topics include:
. Carbohydrates: Angel or Devil?
. Fats- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
. Energy- Please Can I Have Some More?
. Superfoods or Superdiets
. Fast Food- Fast and Furious
. Dairy: Oh Dear Lactose
. Bread – Is it a Sin?

Fridge and Pantry Makeovers 

Sharon’s Nutrition will visit your home. Sharon will view the fridge and pantry and then provide recommendations for improvement. Together, we will re-invigorate the fridge and pantry with products that will nourish you with proper nutrition.

Meal planning discussion may be included.

Supermarket/Market Tours 

Sharon’s Nutrition will meet the client at their local supermarket and/or market to cruise the isles. The tours include decoding of food labels, educating about positive nutrition and demystifying the supermarket traps.

This will enable the client to obtain the most nutritious foods for their lifestyle by understanding ingredients.

It is a real investment in one’s health.

Freelance Writing

Sharon is experienced in nutrition and health writing. She is available to write on a broad range of topics.

See the Media page for articles.

Public Speaking

Sharon is available to speak at events, conferences, corporate businesses, community functions and the like, to spread the wonderful word of good health through optimal nutrition.

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